all about me by jon caballero

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all about me by jon caballero

my name is jon . im 11 years old and i go to 5th grade with miss ruiz class . my fovarite color is green and purple . i like to skatebaord with my friends and like to play football.

jon caballero

i have 2 brothers , 1 stepdad , 1 dad , 1 mom , and 2 dogs. there names are bear and mia . my mom name is ariana .my stepdad name jr or ivor .my real dad is called hector caballero.

my foverite food is fish because when you eat it . it feels smooth. it taste good because the flavor are good . my mom puts on my fish pepper , salt, lime , carrot , brocli. all my family like it to but acpect my brother doesn,t like it.

in the summer i went camping and my dad gat a fish it was a big fish . and it was cool because i eat it . we stay for four nights . we went to swin in the lake.

my fovariters hobbiers are 2 things playing vieos games and pleying football . first i play football .i play football because you tackle . and i like to play videos games because it aweasome and it fun and i play with my brothers



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