[2015] Leilah Torres: All About Me

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[2015] Leilah Torres: All About Me


My future is very important. It will consist of me being a neurosurgeon and having a family. Robots may be able to assist surgeons in daily work. My professor could be a robot by the last year of school. A normal day for me would be fixing breakfast for my family, then going to work for 8-12 hours. As a neurosurgeon, this “normal day” may change because sometimes there is not always something to do so you must work with the schedule that you have each that. A neurosurgeon may have 3 surgery or 4 surgeries per day.

My hobbies include cooking, playing piano, listening to music, drawing and playing video games. My favorite things to draw are animated characters from T.V shows. I started playing cello about 3 years ago. That same year, I started playing piano. I have always had an interest for music and it was always within the household. There are various types of genres of music that I like. For instance, I listen to rock, jazz, and classical.


All About Leilah

Future Life

There are various goals that I want for myself. For instance, I would like to make a living as a neurosurgeon. I want to get all my degrees and not to be overwhelmed with debt from college. I would also like to have a 2-3-story house. I chose the things to be my goals be I find them the hardest for an average person to accomplish.

My family consists of many people. However, I will simplify it down to the people that live with me. I live with my mom, grandma, and brother Sidney. Sometimes my family and me do little things like go to the movies or just talk. I like my family because we are different. My pets include three cats and a Zebra Finch, along with some other exotic pets I rather not mention. Overall, my family is unusual but they are rather unique.

My Passion



One of my best memories with my family is when my mom, my brother, and I went to California. We were there for about a week. This was a great memory because it was my first time ever riding a plane. While I was there, I visited family, went to the beach, and went to Universal Studios. I also visited Hollywood. Overall, this trip was very exciting and I would like to do it again.


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