All about Lakes

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All about Lakes

This is Lake Washington is located in Washington County Mississippi, and was once a part of the Mississippi River. Lake Washington formed when the river changed course in 1300 AD.

Lakes are bodies of water that are surrounded by land. Lakes come in various shapes and sizes. Some lakes are deeper and some are more shallow. Lakes can be fresh or salty.

What is a Lake?

What's the difference between a lake and a pond?

People often get confused with the difference between a lake and a pond, they are both very similar, but have major differences. Ponds are much smaller and shallower than lakes. A lake that is less than 6 feet shallow is a pond. A pond has live rooted plants at the bottom of it. Since the water of a lake is too deep, light cannot penetrate to the bottom. So plants cannot perform photosynthesis to create food and support plant life.

This is the Caspian Sea. The worlds largest lake, although it's saltwater, it is still locked in by land so it is still considered a lake.

All about Lakes!

The Caspian Sea

By: Sabrina Smith

Top Ten Deepest Lakes in theWorld!


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