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All about Kaylen


All About Kaylen!!!<3

This is Pewdiepie he is my favorite youtuber :) go see him on youtube

Soccer is my favorite sport because when i was small i would always go to tfc

Hi my name is Kaylen. I am 14 years of age and go to Harbord.C.I. My family back round is Portuguese, but I grew up in Canada. As you can see, I like to play soccer it's my favorite sport:) I have three siblings (Ashley,Jacob and Joshua). My goal is to become a doctor.

This is my best friend we have been friends for 8 years now!!<3

This is the Winona girls team and we won conference finals!!

This is teddy and he is 4 years old,His bred is goldendoodle laberdoodle<3

Alex Morgan is my favourite female soccer player!!!!


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