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All About Judaism

Judaism originated in Israel approximately 4000 years ago. Israel means : ''one who wrestles with God'', ''may God prevail'', ''he struggles with God'', and ''God perseveres''.

All About Judaism by:Chloe' Blanding

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"Whatever you say, God"

Founder of Judaism, Abraham, argued with God for the sake of the righteous citizens in Sodom and Gamorrah.

Torah, or the Pentateuch, is the central reference of the religious Judaic religion. It is the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures. It consists of Genesis, Exondus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Basic Beliefs & Teachings

''A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up.'' -King Solomon

''I do not want followers who are righteous, rather I want followers who are too busy doing good that they wont have time to do bad.'' -Rabbi Menachem

Brief History Judaism was the first tradition to teach monotheism, the belief that there is only one God. Most traditional Jews won't say or write the name ''God'' because they believe it is too sacred.

Jewish lore links the symbol to a magic shield owned by King David that protected him from enemies. After the French Revolution, Jewish communities chose the ''Star of David'' as their symbol. This star is also found on the Flag of Israel.

Rosh Hashanah and Yon Kippur are two of the most important Jewish holidays which celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Jews believe in the 13 Principles of Faith:*God exist *God is one and unique *God is incorporeal *God is eternal *Prayer is to be directed to God alone and to no ther *The words of the prophets are true *Moses' prohecies were true and he was the greatest of the prophets *The Written and Oral Torah were given to Moses *There will be no other Torah *God knows the thoughts and deeds of men *God will rewards the good and punish the wicked *The Messiah will come *The dead will be resurrected

Yahweh is the national god of ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah.


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