All About Jane Goodall

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All About Jane Goodall

All About Jane Goodall

Her sister Judyher Education-doctor of philosophy in Ethology8th person in history to earn a Ph.D without an undergratuate degree.then she marries Hugo Van Lawick 1964has a son, named Eric Louis Van Lawick or Grub born 1967Goodall and Van Lawick divorce 1937marries Derek Bryceson 1974Bryceson dies of cancer 1980

Jane GoodallBorn April 3, 1934London, Englandtraveled alother father, Mortimerher mother, Myfanwenow in her 80's

Jane Goodall's sister, Judy worked as a photographerJane also won many awards, books, and movies about her experience with chimpanzees.

Myfanwe, Jane Goodall's motherworked as a writerJane Goodall's father, Mortimerworked as a engineer

Jane Goodall won many awards such as the Hubbard Medal.


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