All About Horses!

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All About Horses!

Horses have live birth, meaning their babies are alive and breathing when they are born. A baby horses is called a foal.

Here is a picture of me and my horse Maverick.

Horses live all over the world. Their habitat includes a large piece of flat land and lots of grass!

The Horse

Horses are Mamals which means they are warm blooded. Their blood remains the same temperature no matter what the weather is outside!

Horses are prey animals meaning they will flight when attacked. They have strong legs that make them very fast and are feet called hooves. Hooves are made up of the same thing our fingernails are made up of.

Below is what horses eat. It is called grain. It is a mixture of corn, oats and some wheat. Horses in the wild only rely on grass to eat.

5 Intersting facts:1. Horses can not breath through their mouths.2. Horses are measured in hands which is the same as 4 inches3. Mustangs are wild horses many of them live out west like Wyoming and Coloardo 4. The tallest horse to ever live was 21.2 hands or 7 feet 2 inches5. A horses speed is based upon its breed. A thouroubred can run up to 40mph over a long distance while the quarter horse can run up to 50mph over a short distence.


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