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All about Espana

Food eaten in spain

All about Espana!

Spain, or Espana, is located in Europe. The offical currency is the euro and the offical language is spanish. The population in Spain is roughly 47,370,542.One famous person that has something to do with Spain is that lots of people know is Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was born in spain. Those are just some basic facts about the country, Espana.

Spain's capital is Madrid, which is also the largest city in Spain.

Pallea is common in spain. It is usually made with different types of seafood and yellow, spanish rice.

Tapas is also a form of eating used a lot in spain. Tapas is a bunch of small dishes, almost like a lot of appetizers. Some popular tapas are calamari, stuffed mussels, and cured ham

Antoni GaudiGaudi was an architect, who's work was in Spain. One of his most well - known buildings is the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is still a work in process as of now, and construction began in 1882. Gaudi's first actual important work is for sale, it is Casa Vicens. To see Gaudi's blue prints for it, click on this link. Gaudi Casa Vicens blue print. Gaudi died in 1926, but people all around the world come to Spain to see his work.

The Oldest resteraunt in the worldThe oldest resteraunt in the world that never shut down or moved according to the Guinness book of world records, is in Madrid, Spain. The name of the resteraunt is Sobrino de Botin. This resteraunt was established in 1725. It's almost 300 years old! The resteraunt's specialty is suckling pig which is pretty much a baby pig. But they also serve lots of other spanish foods.

Casa Mila

The Sagrada Familia

Pablo Picasso


Sobrino de Botin

Suckling Pigs

Casa Vicens

Map of Spain

Flag of Spain


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