All About Cheyenne

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All About Cheyenne

All About Cheyenne Davey!!

First off to know is that I adore animals! I strongly belive in stopping animal abuse, as you can tell by my username! My top favorite animals are wolves,tigers,and dogs in general! If you can't tell by my background I LOVE Balto! That's a little about me!

Next to know is I love music and my friend's and family! I'll listen to any kind of music except country, I hate country! My best friend is Demi Marshell! We do everything together! She's like my sister!! My family is sooo much fun to hang out with!! That's some of the things I like to do!

This is going to be a little bit about my family! I live with my mom, sister, and two cats,Lilo and Sakura! I visit my dad's house like every week, with my grandma,aunt, and dog,Kc! Most of my mom's side of the family lives in Kentucky where I lived for a year! My dad's side mostly lives in Chesterton,Indiana, where I've lived almost my whole life! Now my mom,sister,cats,and I live in Valparaiso!

This is basicly anything else youmay want to know! I absolutly LOVE Justin Bieber!! I love anything Disney! I DISPISE TWILIGHT! There is no point to that book!! Although I love vampires! I'll basicly watch any movie! If there is anything else you would like to know about me I haven't answered just ask me! I hope you liked my page and might of learned things about me!


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