[2015] Claire T: All About Allergies

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[2015] Claire T: All About Allergies

All About Allergies

What is an Allergic Reaction?

-The allergen enters the body and goes to the immune system. -The immune system mistakes the allergen as an invader.-The immune system over react to the allergen and produce antibodies.-Antibodies then travel to the cell.-Then they release histamine and other chemical. -Causing an allergic reaction, causing symptoms.

Allergies are a hypersensitive immune response to a substance that can be touched, inhaled, and ingested.

What are Allergies?

Children at young ages are diagnosed with allergies after experiencing symptoms of allergies. You will be looked over by an allergist or an immunologist, who have been trained to diagnose your condition and give you allergy treatment. They will evaluate and and ask questions according to your heath:-Your health-The symptoms, and what causes them. -Question about your family history with allergies.-Your habits. After they have evaluated, then they will start testing for alletgies if necessary. The first type of testing is, a skin test, where a drop of the suspected allergen is pricked or scratched on the surface of the skin. Then they wait for there to be a reaction; a welt will aper were they pricked if you are allergic to that substance.

When are Allergies First Diagnosed?


Allergie symptoms are different depending on what kind of allergie you experience. These are the most common allergies and their symptoms:Food Allergies: digestive problem, hives, swollen airways, and sever reaction= life threatening. Drug Allergies: hives, rash, and fever.Seasonal Allergies: Sneezing, runny nose, and red watery.Anaphlaxis: skin rash, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and shock.

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