Alkaline Earth Metals

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Alkaline Earth Metals

key properties:- softer than other metals- react with water-2 valence electrons-easily lose electrons-metals with a shiny, silvery-white colour-have higher melting points

Alkaline earth metals

-can absorbed large amounts of heat-use in air craft and space craft construction-used in gears and cogs-transparent to xrays-toxic chemical-gives out lung desiese

-when heated in a flame:crimson-used to make special glass for televisions-makes colorful flares and fireworks-burns in air-soft, silvery metal-only element that is named somewhere in the UK

-radioactive-found naturally in uranium oresused in the production of luminous paints and used to treat cancer; now considered too hazardous

-when heated in a flame:apple green-Is a heavy silver metal -rapidly tarnishes in air-used in spark plugs, vacuum tubes and florencent lmaps-best-known use is in the form of barium sulfate-heavy element

-when heated in a flame:brick-red-silvery white, soft metal that tarnishes rapidly in air and reacts with water- essential to all living things-average human contains about 1 kilogram of calcium-fifth most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust-bones, shells, stalagmite in caves contain calcium-good electrical conductor

-when heated in a flame:brilliant white-found in carnellite, magnesite and dolomite-light metal: first light metals you can use-used in flares-combines with other metals to make racing bycicles, airplains,missles, and other products that need to be lightweight and strong-eighth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust-essential element in both plant and animal life-non-toxic


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