Alkali Metals

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Chemical Elements

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Alkali Metals

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1. Cesium is used to make clocks, and they are the most accurate clocks.2. We couldn;t live without Sodium and Potassium. They play a huge biological role on Earth. 3. They like to form salts by combining with halogens.4. The word "alkali" means "ashes" and is derived from an Arabic word. 5. Each Alkali Metals burns with a different flame color. (sodium- orange yellow and lithium- red)6. All of the Alkali Metal's atomice numbers are weird / odd.7. Moving down the row of Alkali Metals, each of their atomic radius' and reactivity increases.8. Lithium is found in small amounts in the Earth's surface.9. Francium is rarely found in the Earth's surface and is a radioactive element.10. Potassium is found in both sea water and as a mineral known as sylvite in Earth's crust.

Since the Alkali Metals have one electron in their outer shell, they are one electron away from having a full shell (being happy). To loose that one electron, you must bond with other elements. Alkali Metals are most likely to bond with Group 17 since they have 7 valence electrons and they are trying to loose one to become a full shell.

Lithium- electrical batteriesSodium- anti-scalingPotassium- fertilizersRubidium- fireworksCesium- propellant in ion enginesFrancium- rarely found so it has no specific uses (except for they use it to research in chemistry.)

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Alkali Metals

Alkali Metals are located in the very left column (group 1). They are in the group Metals.These Alkali Metals include: Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, and Francium.


Alkali Metals are very reactive and are so soft, they can even be cut with a knife. They are all shiny and have one valence electron. They are so reactive, they must be stored in a sealed container with oil. They also have a low density compared to other metals. Alkali Metals are a great electricity conductor.

Brainiac Alkali Metals:


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