Alkali Metals

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Alkali Metals

Alkali Metals

Cesium:-used in industry as a catalyst promoter-optical glasses-to remove traces of oxygen from vacuum tubes and light bulbs-strengthen various types of glass-photoelectric cells-optical instruments-increasing the sensitivity in electron tubes-atomic clocks-ion propulsion systems

Rubidium-atomic clocks-manufacture of photocellsremoval of residual gases from vacuum tubes-glasses and ceramicsthe purple color in fireworks-ion engines for space vehicles-working fluid in vapor turbines

Sodium: -street lights-manufacturing -seventh most abundant chemical in earths surface -commonly in earth’s oceans -table salt-top ten industrially produced chemicals

Lithium: -lubricants-batteries-glass-alloys (mixtures of metals) with lead, aluminum, and magnesium-occurs in small amounts of the earths surface-can control certain health disorders-used industrially

Potassium: -essential chemical in photography -vital nutrient for organisms -present in sea water and mineral known as syvilite in Earth’s crust -mostly used in fertilizer

Francium:-no use has been found for what little francium can be produced

•Lower densities than other metals•One loosely bound valence electron•Largest atomic radii in their periods•Low ionization energies•Low electronegativities•Highly reactive

Facts:-Lithium is the lightest of the Alkali’s-density increases going down the column-the reaction with water becomes more violent as the atomic weight of the alkali increases

-they are shiny and soft and easy to cut with a knife-when when placed in a flame the metals turn to different colors which can meake them easy to identify

-negatively charged hydroxide ion in water -when the elements are on their own they are positive ions-when the metals react with water they result in an explosion


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