Alkali Metals

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Alkali Metals

Alkali Metals

Alkali Metals are the 1st group in the Periodic Table. They are all in the 1st column. (minus Hydrogen)

All Alkali Metals have only 1 valence electron, which means on the outer most electron ring, there is only one electron.

All alkali metals have a low melting point, low density, a silver color, are shiny, are softer than most metals, malleable, ductile, are good conducters of thermal and electrical energy, have luster, and are in a solid state of matter.

Alkali Metals are also the most reactive metals. They are most reactive to water and oxygen. Making them extremely harmful for humans since we are made of water and oxygen. Though they are usually kept in oil so that they protected from H2O and O2. It is still a risk not worth taking.

The chemical properties of Alkali Metals are that they are most reactive to acidic molecules. All alkali metals/elements are combustable.

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