Alkali Metals

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Chemical Elements

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Alkali Metals

Sodium is only found in nature in a combined state. It is mostly in oceans and salt lakes

It is found in nature in uranium minerals and also can be artificially made.

Group Facts:is composed of highly reactive metals. They react vigorously with water to produce hydroxides and release hydrogen. Even in air they react quickly to cover their surfaces with oxides. In nature they are found in ionic compounds, but never in the pure state


mineral spring and in seawater.

Alkali Metals

used in medicine in the location of brain tumours.

is used to make table salt, caustic soda and salt paper

Due to its rarity and instability francium is used for research purposes

found in the earth's crust and in several minerals,

used for atomic clocks, removing air traces in vacuum tubes, ion propulsion systems, medical

used to make special glasses and ceramics

In natural seawater, lithium is found hydrated at substantially low levels

is found only as ionic salt in nature and is dissolved in seawater.

It is primarily used in fertilizers


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