[2014] Carolina Lima: Alkali Metals

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[2014] Carolina Lima: Alkali Metals

Alkali metals are in group 1. The alkali metals are Hydrogen, Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, and Francium.

Alkali Metals

Alkali metals are grouped together because they all react quickly to water and they all have one valence electrons. They are also all cuttable and and have a shiny luster that corodes when exposed to air.

Fun Fact: Francium is highly explosive when exposed to water or water vapor. It is sometimes used in bombs.

This is what the alkali metal Lithium looks like. When dropped in water it fizzes. It is often used as medication for depression or bipolar disorder.

This is sodium, or salt. Salt is used in cooking, baking, and other culinary processes.

Fun Fact: The alkali metals need to be kept in oil in order to keep its luster.

Where can you find alkali metals:Lithium: ChileSodium: RomaniaPotassium: RussiaRubidium:UnknownCesium: SeawaterFrancium: Only 1 oz of francium in crust so scientists make francium in order to study it.

Fun Fact: Hydrogen is not a metal, it is a gas, but is included in the alkali metal family because because it only has one valence electron.


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