Alisha.J Armidillo

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Alisha.J Armidillo



The Nine-banned Armidillo is a medium sized mammal it is 2.5-6.5kg (in size.)

Their long,round and ruff-looking.Their dark brown on their shell but light grey on their body.

Nine-banned Armidillos are insectivores,they forage for food by meal by putting their snouts into soil and leafs and start digging in usual patterns.They eat beetles,worms,ants,termites and baby bird eggs.

They live in a warm,wet environment but they'll die in a cold, wet environment.

Baby Armidillos are about the size of tennis balls.They're born blind but they quickly devolp their sight when their grown.

The Armidillo is a prey of Coyotes, Dogs, Black bears, Bob cats, Congars, Foxs and Racoons.

They're 20 different vairetys of Armidillos, all but one livesin Latin America.Armidillo is a Spanish word meaning 'Little armored one.'



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