Ali's Pretty Little Lies

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Ali's Pretty Little Lies

Alison Dilaurentis-Courtney's twin sister. "Real Ali"Courtney Dilaurentis-Alison's twin sisterHanna, Aria, Emily, ' Spencer-"Ali's" best friendsNaomi ' Riley-"Real Ali's" best friendsJason Dilaurentis-Courtney ' Alison's older brotherMr. ' Mrs. Dilaurentis- Courtney, Alison, ' Jason's parents

By:Sara ShepardGenre:Young-Adult mystery/thriller

Ali's Pretty Little Lies

This story takes place in present time Rosewood, Pennsylvania.

The central problem is that Courtney pretends to be Alison which causes "Real Alison" to go Preserve.

I think that anyone who likes a book that keeps you guessing and shocking you will really enjoy this book. There is no doubt that i did!

Courtney and Alison were not just sisters, but bestfreinds as kids. As they started growing up something happened to Courtney that Alison had caused which made her parents send her to the preserve. Courtney started getting jealous of Alison and when she got out of the preserve for a few days, she decided to pretend to be Alison, which caused Ali to go to the preserve. Will the truth be revealed? Read the book to find out!

I really liked how Sara Shepard brought up many flashback, since you don't really know much about the characters in the begining of the book. This makes all of the pieces fit together in the end!

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