Alina's RainForest Ecosystem

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Alina's RainForest Ecosystem

Alina's RainForest Ecosystem

Hypothesis:I predict that the ape/monkey will be the most clever and find the hidden food first.

Observation:I observed 2 monkeys, 5 waterfalls, and 7 birds flying.

Research:I researched how the plants can survive in the rainforest and how the birds don't get eaten by the snakes.

Pictures were

Reflection:The RainForest is like the real world because, like us, the animals have to go and get their own food. They can't expect it to just pop up in front of them.

Experiment:I did an experiment on which animal is the most clever at where the food is.

Results:From my experiment, I found that 24 monkeys found the hidden food, 16 gorillas found the hidden food, and 7 sloths found the hidden food.

Conclusion:In conclusion, my hypothesis was proven correct. Monkeys are the most clever to find food.


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