Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Key Characters:1. Alice - always curious2. White Rabbit - always late3. Cheshire Cat - always dissapearing4. Mad Hatter - likes tea5. March Hare - likes tea6. King & Queen of Hearts - likes to cut off heads

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandBy: Lewis Carroll

"A book that get's curiouser and curiouser!"

Introduction:A little girl named Alice ventures out into the world of Wonderland in search of a curious white rabbit with a pocketwatch. But as Alice's journey moves on she meets more fun characters and learns valuable lessons.

Details from the Plot:One of the plots is when Alice reaches the room of the many locked doors. She finds a small door with a key that fits, But she can't get through because she is to big. Then out of nowhere, a bottle shows up with a notecard that read, "Drink Me". She puts the key on a table in the middle of the room and drinks all of the small little bottle on the floor. All of a sudden, Alice starts shrinking down until she reaches about a cm small, but forgot the key on the table. Then finds another plate of some sort of pasteries that read "Eat Me" so she does, and grows too tall for the door. Alice gives up on hope and starts to cry.

Summary: Alice sits through another one of her lessons out side, when suddenly she spots a rabbit with a pocket watch shouting, "I'm late!" Leaving her teacher, Alice takes off and follows the creature to a small rabbit hole in the ground. She looks for it and suddenly slips, and plumets down into the unknown. When she reaches the ground, she finds a room leading to somewhere, yet nowhere because all of the doors are locked. She soon finds her way into Wonderland and helps herself to new enemies, friends, and other strange creatures along her wonderous journey home.

Conclusion: Overall, Alice goes to an exciting world to the unknown, and seeks out adventure. She finds new friends and learns new lessons. And each and every step she takes gets curiouser and curiouser.


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