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Alice Walker

Alice MalseniorWalkerFebruary 9, 1944 - Present)

Early Life

Born in Eatonton, Georgia to a family of poor sharecroppers with 7 other brothers and sisters, she was the youngest of them all. Her mother worked as a maid to help support the family and when walker was 8 years old she was shot in the eye with a BB gun where it left a visible scar for everyone to see and laugh at. She slowly folded into herself with humiliation, only finding solace with reading, writing, and poetry. While growing up in racially segregated south, Walker had to attend segregated schools but graduated high school as valedictorian of her class. After aquiring a scholarship, she attended Spelman College in Atlanta then later switched to Sarah Lawrence College in the grand New York City. While studying at Sarah lawrence in New York, she partook in a study-abroad program in Africa and later graduated in 1965 which was also the year that she published her first short story.

Walker's Career

Alice Walker's career is driven by her passion and desire to live in a world where everyone has the freedom to be creative. Inspired hugely by her mother's creativeness, Walker titled her own website as: Alice Walker's Garden:

Major Works

One of Alice Walker's many writes is the famous: The Color Purple. written in 1982, recieving the Pulitzer Prize in the fiction category and the National Book Award. The book goes over the life of an uneducated black woman during the 20th century, and how she tries to find love and life but also has to undergo violent situations and sexual subjugation. As a result of this edgy topic, the book has been banned many times and ranks at a high on the American Library Association's list of most banned books. Not only is this book an amazing read but was also later turned into a film and directed by none other than Steven Spielburg in 1985 merely 3 years later after book was published. The movie stars Whoopi Goldberg and the famous Oprah Winfrey.

By: Bailey Walker - 3rd A.P. English - March 4, 2015



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