Alice Stone Blackwell

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Alice Stone Blackwell

Henry B. Blackwell

4. In 1890 she became the organization's reporting secretary, which was a position she held until 1918. From 1887-1905 she edited and distributed the “Woman’s Journal”.

6.In her later life she became blind and retired.

7. Alice Stone Blackwell died on March 15, 1950 at the age of 92.

Lucy Stone

2. Alice graduated from Boston University in 1881 and immediately joined the editorial staff of the Woman’s Journal, which was the organ of her mother’s American Woman Suffrage Association.

1. Alice grew up in Orange, New Jersey and later Dorchester, Massachusetts with her parents, Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell.

3. She then helped merge the American and Susan B. Anthony’s National Woman Suffrage Associations to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Alice Stone Blackwell

5. Around the turn of the century Alice became interested in other causes, mainly consisting of those involving oppressed people.


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