Alice Springs

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Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Fire tornados happen in alice springs as a result of the humidity in the air. The plants have a reaction that involves gasoline then the tornado comes down and lights fire

Alice Springs has beautiful surroundings like landmarks called uluru rock and many other national parks.

Alice Sprigs experiences very akward weather where the winters are warm and the summers are cold, this happens because Australia is an island and encounters different sun angles from the united states

In Alice springs there is a very large military base where it is thought that they study things similar to the supposed area 51 in nevada.


Uluru rock is a very famous world known rock that is close to alice Springs. Tourists come from all over the world to just get a glimpse of this magnificent rock.

A lot of Alice Springs landmarks are made out of rock because of the rocky mountain range surrounding the city. Chambers pillar is a pillar of rock that is left over from what used to be a mountain. After time the corrosion caused the outside rock to go away and the strong inner rock remained.

Since alice springs isnt a center part of the sphere on earth it encounters sun angles that hit the equator during summer. Since alice springs isnt on the equator it doesnt get direct sun in the summer, it gets direct sun in the winter


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