Alice Paul

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Alice Paul

Personal Motivation

-radical tactics -organized rallies that led to her imprisonment -pass Equal Rights Amendment -National American Women suffrage Association (NAWSA) in 1912 -workers not doing well -felt elitist and prejudiced

Historical Context

-wanted to get women's rights -suffrage (19th amendment) -Equal Rights Amendment needed to be radified -Federal Constitutional Amendment for suffrage


-included an Equal Rights statement in 1943 at United States charter -19th amendment passed -expand women's rights -political position -formed congressional union for women's suffrage -helped end WW1

Effort to Effect Change

Brief Biography

-born in 1885 -died in 1997 -educated in England -attended Swarthmore College -oldest in the family - B.A degree in social work -upper-middle-class family -father died of pnemonia when she was 16 -quakers

-international organizations -hunger strikes -put headlines in newspapers and magazines to join in her campaigns - active in the peace movement -National Woman's Party to fight for suffrage

Alice Paul

By: Lily DeLoma


- "... to pressure governments to expand women's rights through international organizations such as the League of Nations and its sucessor, the United Nations."

The problem was that women weren't being treated fair like men and they didn't have the right to vote. Alice Paul wanted to help every single American women to help make that happen.

"Earning a reputation as a tireless and demanding activist, Paul organized teams of women from around the world to lobby representatives in Washington D.C"


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