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Alice Paul

1885- Alice was Born1899- Alice attended a Womens Sufferage w/ her mother1905- Graduated from collage1913- Planned and Attended a parade before Woodrow Willson's Inauguration.1916-began to picket the white house to gain more supporters for womens sufferage1938- Started a World Party for Equal Rights and stayed a social activist for the rest of her life1977- Lived 92 years until 1977 when she died.


TIme Line

Alice helped win gender equality for women and helped us gain rights we didnt have untill her time.

Lasting Impact!

Alice Paul was born in January 11th 1885. She was infulenced by her quaker family. She and her mother attended a Womans Sufferage Meeting with her mother when she was fourteen. Being influenced by this Alice started to involve her self more with the topic of womans rights. She held protests and was arrested a few times on the account of her prostesting. When she was arrested, she and others who were protesting demanded to be treated like normal prisioners. Alice and the other girls she was with went on a hunger strike untill she was sent to another hospital were they tried to claim her insane. They were realised when the media found out about the strikes Alice stayed an equal rights activist untill she died. She Died at the age of 92 in 1977.

Alice Paul

The Biography of Alice Paul

Alice's Pauls Accomplishments

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Alice Graduated collage in 1905Alice Went and picketed the white house for womens rights.Started A world Party for Equal rights in 1903


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