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Alice Paul

Alice Paul was a women's suffragist who introduced the first equal rights of women to Congress. She was born and passed away in Moorestown, New Jersey. When Alice Paul and her followers got arrested, they still protested and went on hunger strikes in jail. The 19th Amendment was established in 1920. Alice introduced the first equal rights to Congress in 1923. On July 9, 1977, Alice Paul passed away because of a terrible stroke.


January 11, 1885: Alice Paul was born. 1910: Alice became a women's suffragist. 1912: She earned a P.h.D in the University of Pennsylvania. 1977: Alice Paul passed away in Moorestown, New Jersey.

- Created the National Women's Party. - Helped establish the 19th Amendment, which said that women can vote.

Lasting Impact

Today, women can vote because Alice Paul helped establish the 19th Amendment.


** Google Search * "History Alive!" 8th Grade Social Studies book.

Alice Paul





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