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Alice Hamilton

>Born on February 27, 1869 in New York, New York.>Died on September 22, 1970 in Hadlyme, Connecticut.>Education includes Fort Wayne College of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, University of Leipzig in Germany, and Johns Hopkins Medical School.

>She studied many poisonous materials in industrial workplaces and what they did to the human body, and she published her findings to raise awareness of their harmful effects.>She observed the workers at the Hull House based on where they worked and what illness they faced.>She popularized industrial medicine to bring awareness to the affects of toxins within the industrial workplaces.>Worked with the Occupational Diseases Commission of Illinois to investigate widespread issues of a multitude of state and federal health communities.>Studied atomic radiation and observedits harmful effects on humans.>Studied industrial chemicals and theirharm on the environment. She tried herbest to find a safer way to use thesesubstances.

Short Biography

>Alice went to teach pathology at Women's Medical College of Northwestern University in Chicago, leaving behind her bacteriological studies in Germany.>Became a social reformer, helping the poor and the sick. She worked closely to the memorable Jane Addams.>Directed by Illinois governer to investigate mines and factories to identify toxins such as arsenic and lead.>Founder of industrial medicine in the United States.>An outspoken feminist.>Appointed first woman to become a faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

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Scientist´s Work

Alice Hamilton

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Who Was She?

The Hull House


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