ali arient's gloging!! :)

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ali arient's gloging!! :)

By: Kathryn Reiss

REVIEWThe book "Sweet Miss Honeywells Revenge" is a book filled with mostly mystery and a little bit of action. It is a really good book and i think evertone should read it! i give this book 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!

The main charactors are Zibby Thorn, Nell( the mom's boyfriend) Sarah( the mom) and Zibby's little step brother, Nick and Zibby's little step sister, Liz.

Sweet miss honeywells Revenge

SUMMARYhen Zibby Thorn goes to a convention, she is just about to leave when she sees a very old and creepy dollhouse. when she walks over by it to see it better, she doesn't know what happened, but something very weird somehow possesed her to buy it with her roller blade money. the house cost her $189.76. Then Zibby and her family all left the convention and went home. the problom is as soon as Zibby goes into the parking lot, she begins to hear a strenge high pitched noise that hurts her ears very much. When the noise stops, Zibby gets into the car and goes home. another problom is when Zibby and her family get home, a ton of weird stuff beging to happen.

SETTING: convention, Zibby's house



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