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Algebra I

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Example 3The product of 2 consecutive integers is 30. Find the 2 integers.Solution!Form the equation first=(x)(x+1)=30=x^2+xReduce it to 0 which is x^2+x-30Factorize it=(x-5)(x+6)=0Find the solution for each of them=(x-5)=0x=5(x+6)=0x=-6So,the 2 integers is either 5 and 6 or -6 and -5

Real Life SituationImagine you are a worker building a pavement along a rectangular park. You use bricks to build the pathway. The park is 450mX750m. With the bricks,the park will become 338701 m^2 big. But the boss wants you to build a pathway of more than 2 metre wide. Is the original brick enough? Well,we can form an algebra equation of (450+x)(750+x)=338701 to find out the width and find if it is wide enough.Expand it first which gives us 337500+1200x+x^2=338701. Next,reduce it to 0,-1201+1200x+x^2. Factorize it which gives us(x-1)(x+1201)=0. Now,find the solutions. Solution for (x-1)=0 is 1 and solution for (x+1201)=0 is -1201. Now, using common sense,the pathway cannot be -1201 metre wide,so it is 1 meter wide. So,it is shorter than 2 metre which means you must rebuilt it

Algebra is hard!!!But,it is useful!

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Algebra is used for an unknown. e.g. 10 cups cost $45,find the price of one cup. We can take 10x as the amount of cups. To find one cup,find x=45/10=4.5;a cup cost $4.5. This is one of the use of algebra



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