Algebra - Linear Equations and Formulas

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Algebra I

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Algebra - Linear Equations and Formulas

My Examples:

Teacher Examples:

Chapter One

1.3 Solving Linear Equations-A linear equations describes a relationship between two variables.-We use PEMDAS but backwards.-We want the variable on one side and the number on the other.

1.4 Rewriting Equations and Formulas-When we rewirte an equations it looks like: y=mx+b-Its graph is a straight line

1.5 Problem solving using Algebraic Models-First look at the given information-Question to think about: How are the variables related.-Question to think about: What is the question asking?-Sometimes a drawing can help.

1.6 Solving Linear Inequalities-We solve similar to when we solve for linear equations.-">" means greater than.-"<"means less than. -If our y has a negative sign we devide -y by -1 and flip our inequality sign.

Problems I need to Work On:

You know you take 2 minutes answering one math problem. How long wiht it take you to finish you homework of 15 problems.

You are going to the fair, the entrance cost $10 and each game cost $2.You have $50 to spend. How many games will you be able to play?

Solving Linear Inequalities

Rewriting Equations

Main Ideas:


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