Algebra Equations

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Algebra I

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Algebra Equations

Algebraic Equations

Inequalities are equations that use greater than and less than symbols. Muti-step inequalities uses the same rules as solving regular equations except, when you multiply or divide by a negative number you flip the inequality sign. Whenever you read the answer you always say the variable first.

The distributive property is when you take the number outside the parentheses and multiply it by all the numbers in the parentheses, even if they have a variable.

Literal EquationsLiteral EquationsLiteral equations are when you solve for a specific variable no matter what terms are in the equation. You solve literal equations the same way as an algebraic equation by starting with distributive property and then continuing all of the steps through dividing whatever is being multiplied by the variable you are trying to isolate. There could be constants, coefficients, and variables or the equation could be entirely composed of variables.

Distributive Property



distributive property

variables on boths sides

Variables on Both SidesFirst you use distributive property, then C.L.T., then isolate the variable. To isolate the variable you move the variable to the side with the largest coefficient and then you add the coefficients together. Now you have to isolate the constant and to do this you cancel out the constant on the side with the variable by either adding or subtracting. Next you combine the constant to the constant on the other side of the equal sign. Finally, you divide by the coefficient to get it on the other side of the equal sign.

Combining Like Terms To combine like terms you add the constants together, but they have to be on the same side of the equal sign. Then, you do the same to the variables but they have to be raised to the same power to be like terms. Now you just add the coefficients together and add the variable back to it.

literal equations


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