Algebra 2 Quarter 2 Project

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Algebra I

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Algebra 2 Quarter 2 Project

Algebra 2 Quarter 2 Project

Unit 1-Matrices

1. 2 matrices are equal if dimensions are the same, and this is the ONLY way you can add or subtract matrices together. 2. To multiply matrices the columns of the first matrix must match the rows of the second matrix.3. Sometimes associated with each square matrix is a real number called a determinant.

Multiplying Matrices

Matrices with Determinants

Adding Matrices

Unit 2- Solving systems of Linear Equations

1. Substitution Method "Double-tution"2. Combination Method"Elimination" "Elimi-tution"3. Linear System

<- Video on solving a linear equation with matrices, click play!

Substitution Method!

Elimination Method!

Unit 3-Exponents, Polynomial Division, Pascal's Triangle

1. Properties of Exponents2. Synthetic Division and Long Division3. Pascal's Triangle

Long Division

Synthetic Division (x-k form!)


Pascal's triangle



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