Alfred Wegener's Hypothesis

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Alfred Wegener's Hypothesis

In 1910 a man named Alfred Wegener had an idea or hypothesis. He thought that a long time ago the continents were one landmass and they drifted apart. The hypothesis is sometimes refered to as continental drift and the huge landmass, Pangaea. When he went to show his hypothisis to the science board, they rejected it. Now, his hypothisis is more believeable due to evidence found with modern day technology.

Wegener's Hypothesis

Sea-floor Spreading

Sea-floor speading happens at the mid-ocean ridge. when the mid-ocean ridge pours out magma, the magma cools. The cooled magma has no where to go but outward. The magma that was cooled before the the newly-cooled magma gets push farther out by the newly-cooled magma. if this keeps happening, the whole earth will be covered in cooled magma! Luckly, a process called subduction prevents that. subduction is when the cooled maga gets pushed into a deep ocean trench and goes back into the mantle to be poured out again by the mid-ocean ridge.

Wegener's Evidence

1. Evidence From Land FeaturesWegener noticed the some of the land featuers on the continents lined up like a puzzle. Like the mountian ranges of South America and Africa. The coal fields of Noth America and Europe line up too.2. Evidence From FossilsFossils of animimals that could have never lived in those conditions were found on continents far from the animals natural home. The only way it could have made it there is if it died on a coninent and the continent moved changing its conditions. Take the Glossopteris for example. How could its fossils end up on almost all the continents?3. Evidence From ClimateWhen the continents moved, some away from the equator some closer, the climates changed but plants grew and animals lived in the climate of the time it was all together then left their fossils when the continents moved.

Plate Techtonics

Plate Techtonics is the theory that the plates in the earth are always moving slowly by convections currents located in the mantle. The plates find each other at a boundary. there are three types of boundarys.1. Divergntwhen plates move in the opposite direction of each other.2. ConvergentWhen plates collide and push upward on each other or on goes on top of the the other.3. TransformWhen plates slip by one another.

Wegener's Evidence

Alfred Wegener




Sea-Floor Spreading


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