[2015] Leah B: Alfred Waud

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[2015] Leah B: Alfred Waud


Before the war, Alfred did lots of other things. For instance, he was a illistrator for a Boston periodical called the "Carpet-Bag" He also illistrated books. One was called, "Hunter's Panoramic Guide from Niagara to Quebec"

Alfred Waud's first Civil War sketch was of "Custer's Division." (as seen at the top, it's the orange yellowish one)

We went on a field trip to one of the battles he drew, the sketch he drew may be one of the most famous drawings he made. The battle he drew and the field trip we went on is Pickett's Charge.

Alfred Waud was a Gettysburg civlian during the battles that took place there. During the battles, he sketched pictures of what was happeneing. The time period he lived was from Oct. 2, 1828- April 6, 1891.


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