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Alfred Wallis

Alfred Russel Wallace was a british humanist, naturalist, geographer and social critic. Before that he started out as a watchmaker for a few years . Then he got a job teaching drafting, surveying english and arithmetic. He read quite a lot of books at the college library which made him want to be a naturalist. After his brother died he decided to become a full time naturalist. He traveled to south america and worked at Rio Negro and the Amazon.He studied and cataloged in south america until 1852 and returned to england. When he was on his way back to england his boat went on fire and sank which destroyed most of his work. He had to take another trip to indonesia to collect more data. He wrote no more about the idea of natural selection and became a spiritualist in 1860.

How he influanced Charles Darwin.

1823- Born in Monmouthshire England1848-His brother died.1860- Became a naturalist1913- Died

While he was in indonesia he connected his ideas to Thomas malthus about survival of the fittest and told Charles Darwin about it. Charles Darwin used Wallaces research to write the book called the origin of the species. He is known for his contribution to the theory of revolution.

Theroys and Ideas

-Survival of the fitist-Evolution




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Fun Fact: I livedTo be 90 years old.

Alfred Russel Wallace


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