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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

Impact on Science:While Alfred is remembered for inventing dynamite, he is widely remembered for being named after the Nobel Peace Prize. He was named after it because he left 33 million dollars (about 256 million dollars today) to encourage future scientific inventions.

Family:Had four brothers and a sister. Alfred is the son of Immanuel and Andrietta Ahlsell Nobel. Nobel and his brothers received private tutoring from 1843 to 1850.

Alfred's Education:Alfred studied chemistry with a professor named Nikolai Nikolaevich Zinin. When Nobel was 18, he traveled to the United States to study chemistry for four years.

Nobel invented dynamite

Born in 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden

Died of a stroke in 1896

Nobel was nicknamed, “The Merchant of Death” for using explosives so much.

Discovery:Both Alfred and his father were doing studies of nitroglycerin, a violent explosive liquid.In 1865, Alfred discovered that he could explode the highly explosive nitroglycerin by using gunpowder.Factories built to manufacture nitroglycerin were established near Stockholm and Hamburg, Germany.

Nobel could speak 6 different languages


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