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Alfred Binet

He was born on July 8, 1857 in the city of Nice, France. Around 1878 at the age of around 21 he went to Paris to study in law. But later on, becuase of his interest in a french nuerologist's work, he switched over from law to medicines and science. Overall he got a doctorate in natural science. He started working at the Laboratory of Physiological Psychology of the Ecole Pratique Des Hautes Etudes. He then became the director later on. His first works were on hypnosis and hysteria. he started into other feilds of psychology and published some workings on them. A little while afterwards he founded a laboratory at the Ecoles de la Rue de la Grange aux Belles. At this point he really started studying intelligence studying his own daughters. He published L'Etude Experimentale de l'Itelligence, a well-respected work on the studies of his daughters. He also published L'Annee Psychologique, which was set to come out with a newer version every year. This journal was on all areas of psychology, emotion, attention, memory, and problem solving. He then tok interest in Sir Franxis Galton. Specifically his work on using standardized tests to find peoples cognotive ability. He used this to make his Binet-Simon Scale, his biggest peice of work and biggest accomplishment which is now known as the "IQ Test". He later on died on October 8, 1911 in Paris, France at the young age of 54. He is now known as the creator of the modern intelligence test. Although there have been a couple of revisions of this test he is, and always will be the maker and creator os this well known, arguably the most well-known, test.


He has many accomplishments although his greatest, of course, is the "IQ Test" as I have stressed throughout this whole presentation. His other accomplishments are his publications some of the most famous of which are: La Psychologie du Raisonnement, L'Etude Experimentale de l'Intelligence, L'Annee Psychologique, and Les Idees Moderne sur les Enfants. Those are all of his accomplishments, and even though there aren't many one is a very important one.


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His Life

Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet: Most important facts of his life.

He was a very smart man. He studied law yet went into a profession in psychology. He published some well respected works on child psycology. His greatest work was the Binet-Simon Scale. This is the scale that he worked on to help place children in the right classes based on their cognitive ability. It is now best known as the "IQ Test".

His test was origanally meant to be used to see who was mentally challenged in a class.

I ( Jean Charcot) inspered this man to go into psycology!

Alfred once said in Les Idees Doderne sur les Enfants: "Comprehension, inventiveness, direction, and criticism: intelligence is contained in these four words."

The Child Psychologist

By:Logan Wiseman


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