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Social Studies

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louis reil was born in a red river setlment in 1844 and was a very promising student and he was sent to montrial to train for priesthood but he never graduated he atempted to become a lawyer ended very simaler. in 1868 louis reil was back in the red river area when he was well educated and bilinguil and he emerged quickly as the leader as the meti's in the red river. in 1869-1870 reil headed to a provinsial goverment witch would eventuily negotiate witch would eventuily lead to the manatoba act with the canadian goverment. the act established manatoba as a province and provided some protection for the french language rights. reil's leadership in the agnontation especiaily his decision with the exicution of thomas scott witch enragede a village of anti-catholic and anti-french settalment in ontario although chosen for a seat in the house of commons on three ocashions although he was unable to take the seat in the house of commons in 1875 reil's resault in scott's death lead to his exile from canada. Later on john.a macdonald filed an execution on louis reil and ended up post powning the exicution three times and eventuly lead to his exicution with a shot in the head and was burried alive.



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