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Indian Clothes!

Sari!A long strip of cloth that is wraped around the body and is usually worn with a blouse.

Salwar Kameez~ Pajama like pants that are baggy and lose at the top and narrow at the bottom. Worn with a long shirt

Pavada- is a long skirt that is worn under a blouse. Mainly only little girls wear these.

<--- sari

Choli is a short bodice. Sort of like a cami


How this effects India is by it's culture. Each type of clothing is special because they all come from different places and countries.

A dhoti is pants that Indain men wear. It is a loose cloth that is wraped around the legs and very roomy.

Kurta- is a long, loose skirt. In the old days men would wear these.

Turban is a unstitched peice of cloth that is wraped around the head. Men wear this for the important significance.


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