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Joyful in JuneI would get Mara Wilson to play me because people say that i remind them of her.I would get Chipper Jones to play my dad because my dad played baseball and so does Chipper.I would get Martina McBride to play my mom cause i love her songs.I would get Taylor Lautner to play my brother because he has a good personality.I would get Channing Tatum to play my boyfriend because he is really cute. I would get Brittany Snow and MeganFox to play my best friends because They are pretty and have great personalities.I would get a koala bear to play my dog because i have always wanted one.

Three struggles i have faced:-not makeing cheer freshmen year -i overcame this by playing volleyball and trying again.-loosing my great grandmaw. - i over came this by thinking that one loss is another gain and i gained a new baby cousin.-making straight a's - i am still trying to work towards this one but i am trying harder in school

The persion that inspires me the most in my life is my dad. He inspires me to do so much better then i do. He is always there for me and he supports me in everything i do in sports. He is always there to help me and always there for me to lean on.

AlExIs LyNn PoNvElLe

Megan Fox and Brittany Snow

Chipper Jones and Martina McBride

Taylor Lautner and Koala Bear

Mara Wilson and Channing Tatum

<3CoLbY jAmEs!!



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