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Alexia Walter Fransisco Pizarro


When I journeyed, I was searching for the New World. When I journeyed I was alson searching for fortune such as gold, or possibly silver. Hearing stories of gold and silver was always a lure to me. I really wanted fortune. I would do ANYTHING to get even just one piece of gold. Later on, Charles the 5th sent me from Spain, to go conquer Peru.

What I found...

I safely led colonists of San Sebastian back to Hispaniola later in my life. Then I killed an emperor and claimed Peru for Spain. I tricked people in giving them a room full of gold. Then when I had them in there, I killed all of them. I also publicly tortured and killed the Sapa Inca's wife. I killed 1,000's of other Incas aswell. I founded Peru's capital Lima. And, I am very proud to say that I am a legend in Spain.


My Early Life

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My Exploration Routes

My name is Fransisco Pizarro and I was born in 1471 in Trujillo. My parents are Captain Gonzalo Pizarro, and Franccisca Gonzalez. But my parents weren't married. And because of that, my birth wasn't listed on church records. My family was very poor, so I did not attend school. Instead I worked on a pig farm. When I was a teenager I, worked in the army. I worked a dozen years or more in the army. When I was 30, I journeyed to Hispaniola. Then, people took my brother as a prisoner.

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Fransisco Pizarro


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