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Alexandria of Africa



Getting arrested After breaking the law a few times in the past, saying “I won’t do it again” is not an option for Alexandria this time. Alexandria is sent to work for Child Save on a diversion program in Kenya.

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Meeting Ruth (Ch 13-14) Alexandria is helping the people at Child Save build a school for a very unfortunate village. The village is filled with horribly unstable mud huts, cows, and people wearing ripped and filthy clothes, drinking filthy water, and eating a very limited amount of food. The truth about poverty is hard to handle for the young Alexandria, and exceptionally fortunate girl who was clueless about the dangers of living in poverty. She is shocked to find out that a girl named Ruth, who is 15 years old like Alexandria, is still in the 8th grade because of her lack of education. Ruth never has any time to play or find a hobby. She’s either walking miles and miles for water, taking care of her big family, or cooking the scarce amount of food her family has to eat.


Money, fashion, makeup and popularity are the only concerns of the glamourous Alexandria Hyatt. The 15 year old’s caught at the store shoplifting. This time, her money and power can’t help her escape the court’s sentences. A trip to Kenya is arranged in very short notice. She is sent to do charity work for the international charity “Child Save”. Alexandria is heartbroken when she learns of the devastating struggles of poverty, and is faced with a whole new reality from what it was like back home. She wonders if she has what it takes to turn these unfortunate lives around.

Alexandria of AfricaEric Walters

Going to Kenya Renée is a kind and generous social worker. She is sweet, mature and caring, and will be looking after Alexandria in Kenya. Alexandria looks at her as a bossy and bad-dressed “warden” who has the most irritating smirks. But she doesn’t like Africa any more. The roads are dirty, bumpy and noisy. It’s unrealistically hot. There’s animals that are randomly placed on the road, instead of being kept in the zoo. She isn’t pleased with where she stays either. She has to share a room, take short showers with cold water, and can’t call her friends! At Child Save she meets Nebala. He’s an African who belongs to a tribe titled as the Maasai people. Nebala teaches Alexandria about many of the Maasai traditions, including the value they put on cows, hunting, and killing a lion.

Walking for Filthy WaterAs a volunteer working for Child Save, Alex walks miles and miles with Ruth’s village to fetch water from the nearest water source. When it’s time to collect water, what she sees surprises her. The water is dirty and filled with mud. Women, who are the only ones collecting water, get have no choice but to take the filthy water in their cartons. They must walk a long distance with the heavy load on their bodies. Alexandria even sees little girls as small as 7 years old carrying the heavy cartons and walking for hours in the heat. Alex finds it unfair that people in her own community can walk to a sink and get clean water. While people in Ruth’s village walk for hours in the heat and get filth water that causes diseases.

One night, Renée and the other volunteers at Child Save are go to a Maasai village for a ceremony. Alexandria stays behind, she has something else on her mind. Ruth’s pregnant mother is expected to deliver her baby tonight. Women in the village, including Ruth will be delivering the baby. Alex worried about the baby since there will be no doctors, hospitals, or experts dealing with the situation.

When Alexandria is alone in the in the Child Save house, she hears the doorbell ring. It was Ruth and her father. Her mother was lying in a wheelbarrow, crying and screaming from the pain. She’s having trouble delivering the baby, and she needs to get to the clinic- fast. But there’s one problem, there isn’t a clinic very close by. Alexandria, at fifteen years of age, will have to drive a long distance in the Child Save bus to the clinic. She has no choice, Ruth’s mother is losing more and more blood and there isn’t any Child Save Renne to handle the situation.

It’s late at night, Ruth’s mother is in a horrible condition from the bumpy road, but the baby is born. The clinic is very poor and lacks essential medical resources. The only way of getting the uneducated doctors to help is by paying an expensive cost, which fortunately, Alexandria was able to cover. Because of her help with Ruth’s newborn sister, the baby is given a very special name. Alexandria. Alexandria of Africa..

Her parents come running towards Alexandria as they see her in the airport with her luggage. her 16th birthday is only days away, and her parents have bought her an expensive car. Surprisingly to her parents, Alexandria is willing to settle for a cheaper car. She tells her parents about Renee, Nebala, Ruth, and the village that is in desperate need of help. With the leftover money from the cheaper car, she going to do something that will actually help.


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