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[2015] jacqueline sandoval: Alexander vs. Panchito Glog




The Gordian Knot

Alexander the Great demonstrated preserverance in the Gordian Knot. The god Zues made the Gordian Knot, named after the king of Asia. Gordius once was a poor peasant who was chosen to be king.Many people tried to undo the knot but it was a fail.Alexander soon invaded Asia Minor in 333 BC. He didn't win or loose, but he wanted to conquer this world.When he arrived to the temple where the Gordian Knot was, people all looked at him trying to untie the knot. He tried and failed, it was difficult. After he said,''What does it matter how I loose it?'' he hit the knot with his sword and was called a son to cut the knot.

The reason why I chose Alexander the Great over Panchito is because the way he demonstrated preserverance was better than how Panchito demonstrated preserverance because he was wise and strong like when he would stand with his troops when they were thirsty.

Alexander's TimelineGordian Knot-333 BCThe Legend of The Helmet-130 CEAlexander's Empire-334 BC


Panchito is a migrant child that demonstartes preserverance. Here are some quotes.''But we don't have any money,' Mama responded, sobbing and looking sadly at Torito.''''La Migra swept through the camp about an hour ago, and I didn't know if the immigration officers searched your school too.''''Miss Scalapino started speaking to the class and I did not understand a word she was saying.''


These quotes are from money, family, and school problems.

Alexander the Great vs. Panchito:Who Demonstratesmore Preserverance?

Alexander the Great

Alexander's Timeline

Panchito Preserverance

Alexander Preserverance

In The Legend of the Helmet, Alexander demonstrates preserverance:Alexander and his troops were on a long walk. They walk almost 10,000 miles, so they were hungry and thirsty. When the troops found water, they put in a helmet and gave it to Alexander. But to their suprise, Alexander dropped it on the ground. He was gonna be thristy with his troops.

Money ProblemsPg.14, Pg.35, Pg.113, Pg.56FamilyPg.113, Pg.114, Pg.59, Pg.83SchoolPg.80, Pg.22, Pg.135, Pg.17

Panchito's Problems

The Legend of The Helmet

Alexander and his troops were on a mission to take over Tyre. Tyre was a city in the ocean. It would be difficult for Alexander to cross without ships or anything like that. Instead, Alexander wanted to make a land bridge with rocks. Tyrians thought he was crazy and that he couldn't do it. But Alexander fought and built cannons, so did the Tyrians. Tyrians killed many troops and destroyed some of the bridge. Alexander got angry and fought back harder. His land bridge got longer and reached Tyre. Alexander soon conquered and moved on.

Alexander's Empire



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