Alexander the psycopathic self absorbed killer

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Alexander the psycopathic self absorbed killer

punished and kills those that dont immediatly surrender to him. 1. In document 3 it says "he kills all tyrans, crucify the military, and sells the remaining out to slavery"11. document 5 says "100,000" civilians and soldiers was killed during 5 major battles. These battles was because they did not head the warning. 111. document 6 shows that the persians wanted to give up, but Alexander killed them anyway.

Took territory mostly because he had personal use for it. 1. in document 1 the map shows over 10 sity- states that are named after himself. "Alexandria" 11. Since he wanted Egyptian territory document 7 it shows that he manipulated them to think that he was a god or a pharoh in oder to do so. 111. document 2 shows that he spreaded greek culture because he was obssessed with it. this is selfish because it is possible that the greece people did not want to share their culture with the outside world or the outside world not to want the greek culture.

He killed many people cold bloodedly psycopathically for selfish reasons1. Legend has it that he once hunted a man down wanting to kill him because he wanted half his territory and then fleed away, when he found out someone else killed him, he punished that man instead. 11. document 4 says, "but the next day he had his head cut off because he placed the royal headband on his head, when it;s only place belongs to the king." The man put the headband on his head because he did not want it to get wet, but he got his head cut off instead of the rest of his reward. 111. Another legend says that he agreeed with his mother to kill his father and siblings so he can be the only one intitiled to be king.

Alexander the Psycopathic self abosorbed killer

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