Alexander the Psychopathic Self-Absorbed Killer

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Alexander the Psychopathic Self-Absorbed Killer

Alexander the Psychopathic Self-Absorbed KillerBy: Chasitty Petty

Many city-states were destroyed because Alexander wanted to conquer them. Alexander destroyed thebes resulting in 6,000 people killed and 30,000 sold. He wanted to conquer the persian empire as well, so he attacked Egypt and went to battle with the Persians.

Alexander "the great" was a psychopathic self-absorbed killer. Alexander was a psychopathic self-absorbed killer because he killed many people. 6,000 people were killed in thebes and were enmslaved. Alexander wanted to kill Darius lll, but a satrap beat him to it. The satrap was then killed by Alexander. People who refused to go under Alexander's power was also killed.

Alexander refused to give his soldiers a break after being away for 11 years. After 11 long years of fighting in battles and wars, Alexander's soldiers were tired and wanted to go back home. He was psychopathic because he wanted to stay and continue conquering more city-states. After every city-state he conquered, Alexander named them after his, "Alexandria".


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