Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great

Background information on Alexander:Alexander the great was the king of Macedonia and a fearless warrior. He was born in July, 356BC and he died in Babylon 326BC.

When Alexander Ruled:Alexander the Great was a very powerful man and he ruled for a long time. He ruled for nearly a century.

Great Battles of Alexander:Alexander the Great - Major Battles :•Battle of the Granicus - 334 B.C. (western Turkey) against Persian satraps with Greek mercenaries. •Battle of Issus - 333 B.C. (Hatay province of Turkey) against King Darius of Persia•Battle of Gaugamela - 331 B.C. (northern Iraq) against King Darius of Persia•Battle of the Hydaspes (Jhelum) - 326 B.C. (northern Punjab, Pakistan) against King Poros, who ruled a small kingdom, but had war elephants. Near the end of Alexander's expansion. (Although Alexander had intended to go further, and was soon thwarted by his own men, he thought he was near the edge of the earth.)

Important Key Dates:•356 B.C. July - Alexander is born at Pella, Macedonia, to King Philip II and Olympias•336 - Alexander becomes ruler of Macedonia•334 - Wins Battle of the Granicus River against Darius III of Persia•333 - Wins Battle of Issus against Darius •332 - Wins siege of Tyre; attacks Gaza, which falls•331 - Founds Alexandria. Wins Battle of Gaugamela against Darius


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