Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

A psychopathic self absorbed killer Alexander The Great

SELF- OBSESSEDAlexander left for years after taking over to conquer lands and never returned home again. Showing different routes and town founded by himself and his troops. Alexander isknown to be the ruthlessly slaugthering entire villages he would conquer a city, claim the riches for himself

The lunatic

Alexander The Great spent years killing men and selling innocent women. After conquering the Tyre City, the remaining survivors, some 30,000 in number, he sold into slavery. Two thousand men of military age were crucified. In battles Alexander orders his troops that people from a city must be slain and executed with savage relish.

The Greedy oneAlexander was a greedy man he thought about himself before he thought about the people. He was obsessed with wealth and feeding his power for more expansion.


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