Alexander The Great

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Alexander The Great

Alexander had a vision and it was to be in power. His plan was to conquer as much land as possible. He accomplished it by conquering half of Asia and parts of Europe. In addition, in his process of conquering the Persian Empire, he had to get rid of Darius III, the king of the Persian Empire. Darius' idea was to share the empire, however, Alexander didn't agree. Therefore, Alexander wanted him killed. Alex wanted to be the only one in power. Finally, he married the Persian princess to integrate the empire.

Alexander the Psychopath

This is an image of all the different cities named Alexandria, which was named after himself.


Wanted Power


Thesis: Alexander the Great was a psychopathic self-absorbed killer, who only cared about himself, wanted to become powerful and ruined many lives.

Everything Alexander did was to satisfy himself. For instance, he conquered a large amount of lands. Majority of those cities were named after him, called "Alexandria." He was full of himself, that he decided to name these major cities after him. Additionally, he didn't allow his soldiers to return home and visit their families. All he cared about was to keep conquering more land and to fight.

Alexander should be considered "Great" for destroying the lives of many people. He killed 6,000 people and sold 30,000 into slavery. He ruined their lives. In addition, he killed the satrap that killed Darius III for him. Alexander wanted kill Darius himself, therefore, he killed the satrap. Finally, he killed one of his men for wearing his headband. The man rescued his headband from the water and he got killed for just placing it on his head.

The Terminator


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