Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Alexander, son of King Phillip, was born in 356BC and died in 323BC. During his lifetime, he spread his Empire to include Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, the Persian Empire, and India. He is believed to have died of Malaria at age 32. After he died, his empire was split between his generals, who fought amongst themselves and the empire was divided into 3 different kingdoms.

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Alexander did what the Spartans and Athenians failed to do: he defeated the Persian Empire. Alexander (and his father) created the Sarissa and improved the Phalanx.Alexander united the Greek city-states into one empire.He spread Greek Culture to Asia and North Africa.

Alexander was influenced by stories of Greek heroes such as Achilles and Hercules; he wanted to be like them. Alexander wanted revenge agains the Persian Empire for earlier attacks on Macedonia and Greece.



The Phalanx

The Sarissa, invented by King Phillip, was a 6 meter spear was an important part of the Macedonian Phalanx. The well-trained soldiers in the phalanx formation made Alexander's army almost unstoppable.

Sarissa v.s Greek Spear


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