Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

- Alexander and his troops used his military tactic of the phalanx when in battle using long spears known as sarissias and shields in a formation- Alexander ordered everyone except the people who sought sanctuary in the church in tyre- Alexander was very determined in conquering that he made Porus be puzzled so he can cross the Hydaspes

Alexander the Military Genius

Alexander the Great was a military Genius in many ways.

- Never lost any battle with his teachings from the Greek philosopher Aristotle- He conquered the Persian empire when the Spartans and Athenians couldn’t.- In battle against Porus Alexander used his enemies elephants size and weigh against them.

Alexander the Great was a genius in battling against others since he never lost a battle !

Alexander the great was a good tactician


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Alexander accomplishs many things that others couldnt.

- Alexander freed the eygptians from persian rule- he was merciful to those who fell under his king ship. People who surrendered to Alexander the Great were often showed mercy upon- Alexander conquered almost all of east within 13 years.


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